Allison – 2006



 Back Row:  Jim Petty, Sharon Parmenter, Vicki Jacobs, David Bennett, Jesma Swearingen, Mike Fellers, Lynette Holley, Jerry Scholl, Jim Mason, & Ron Eilerts

Front Row:  Marcia Ohmie, Diane Larkin, Lynn Pollitt, Connie Becker, Jeanne Foster, & Karen Tromblee



 Mike knew a lot of great stories from the “old days”.

 John Ashton looks at the scrapbooks, the Parmenter sisters share a laugh, Vicki’s trying to tell John something, and Lynn’s writes down some school trivia for Saturday night.



 Jim and Connie have gone to school together since kindergarten at McCormick elementary

 Lynette (Holley) Woodward

Lynn (Pollitt) & Terry Steinkamp came down from Nebraska 



 Jeanne (Foster) and Doug Mitchell

 Diane (Larkin) and Charlie MacCoy



Forever buds:  Mike & David 

 Forever buds2:  Marcia & Connie

 Jesma (Swearingen) Hopper



Jerry & Judy Scholl

 Ron & Karen (Tromblee) Eilerts



Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!  LOL!  Here’s a peek at the REAL Web-wizard!  Connie’s hubby Bob Lawrence.  Marcia caught him at the computer in action!

 Cousins:  Stevie Parmenter, Marcia (Ohmie) Ashton, & Sharon (Parmenter) Smith



 Some things never change:  still telling secrets!!!

 Vicki & Diane share a victory!