Making Memories 2006


 Susan Connell Washee

Karen Thornburg Mikesell and Michele Martin Mankins are happy to see each other

 Rona Blaha & Chris Rosenboom




 Bruce Unruh, Randy Johnston,

Wayne Rowland with the mascot,

& John Ashton

Kristen Halls Gibson

and Ann Phillips

 The DJ, Vicki Jacobs Broderick, Connie Becker Lawrence, Lynn Pollitt Steinkamp & Marcia Ohmie Ashton dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe



 Group Hug!

Lynn Pollitt Steinkamp, Vicki Broderick Jacobs,

 David Bennett, Lynette Holley Woodward,

Mike & Janice Fellers

Sharon Parmenter Smith, Dan Brazell, Sheryl Mills Fletcher, Vickie Magness Accordino, & Merle Hoover



 Lots of good food! 

Tom & Deb Butterfield West and Dan Becker



Gary Gibson & David Pendleton “shake & howdy!” as Gary’s wife Anna looks on.

Mike & Elaine Meredith Dibble visit with

David & Leslie Snodgrass



A whole lot of mingling going on! 

 Checking out the memorabilia table are (r-l) Cindy Canaday Brothers, Ann Winders, and Terry Rudkin Martin



Janet Penner-Williams and Cindy Canaday Brothers share a hug. 

Jeanie Williams Magill tries to remember (like the rest of us)

what the deal was with the “mascots”

Sherri Pierce Dishman, Lynn Pollitt Steinkamp, & Vicki Jacobs Broderick share a laugh 



Sheryl Mills Fletcher shows off doggie pix

with Vickie Wright Brazell (Class of ’70) and hubby John Fletcher 

 Who’s that!??

Paula Petruzates Drane, Karen Thornburg Mikesell, Dara Pyke Valliere, Michelle Martin Mankins, & Debbie Jacobs O’Brien



I think guys tell better stories!!!

Clockwise from the top:  Don Eyer, Connie Becker Lawrencee, Wayne Rowland, Randy Johnston’s back, John Ashton’s nose, & Bruce Unruh 

 Jan & Stan Putman & Paula Petruzates Drane get a kick out of something Ann Phillips said!



Suzanne Simon-McCollum and hubby William

say HI! to the mascot

Linda Weippert Sullivan (Class of ’72) & Mike Sullivan look at the ’70 Trail with David Bonfiglio and wife, Jenifer