A new hall - "M" I think but could be "L" - boy, was I lost!!!

Art Class - note the remains of the student atop the duct who was trying to get out of his assignment.




Same auditorium; new comfy seats

Down front is the class of '66 who was touring at the same time

Drama Room





Above - the band/orchestra room.  Ted, you'll have to tell us if anything's changed.



Left - the John Philip Sousa Band Award went to Gary Nicholson in 1971.






The pool will be replaced with a new one in another area of the school in the next few years.




Bruce Gorrell's Sophomore Pole Vault records stands

As does his Junior record




In '71, Bruce gained another 6" on his own record to maintain the whole school record.




Boys' locker room

Girls' locker room.  The fencing really surprised us.  They said it was for added security due to locker break-ins.





The new library, now off D hall bears no resemblance to the old one.  Lots of computer stations and seating areas.  We questioned the large numbers of empty shelves and were told that the books had been purged and were in the process of being replaced.  The replacements had not yet arrived.


Freshmen and sophomores have closed lunch; juniors and seniors have open lunch.

No more conveyor belt and these "chairs" look a little harder to throw.




The Pioneer Patio - off L Hall

Pioneer Patio is the child of Teacher Marcus Loganbill who spearheaded its development and oversees the selling of bricks for raising funds.




OWL (Outdoor Wildlife Learning) sanctuary between G & H halls

Teacher Marcus Loganbill started this garden with funds raised by the selling of planks on the walk.

More of the OWL sanctuary; which is entered of K hall

Volunteers and students help to maintain the garden and produce raised is sold.




Mosaic layout of the school located in the auditorium foyer outside the office.

It certainly is not the current floor plan.

I'm sure this will bring back memories for some of you!




Jr. ROTC - located in the old auto mechanics classroom






Playground for the daycare...indeed times have changed.

Homestyle cooking room.  I don't think much has changed.  They also now have a commercial cooking room where students can learn food service cooking.




Science room.  Athletic Director Phil Daignault was our trusty Pioneer Guide.  Good thing!  We'd have been lost in all the new areas.

No matter how you slice it...we're still the best!!




She wouldn't, would she?

You bet she would!