Here we will discuss the ups & downs of being the “middle child”.  No longer a baby sophomore but not a cool senior yet either.  Old enough to now have part ownership of the Prom, possibly good enough to make varsity, probably talented enough to have good roles in the theatre productions, making more preparations for “life on the outside”.  What WAS the subject of your Junior Research paper?  Most of us got our first car around this time…what was it?  Click on the email button at the bottom of the page and share your J-J-JUN…I-I-IOR…J-U-N-I-O-R memories from 1969-70.



Junior Class (1970) Officers

Mike Smith - President

Joanne Burger - Vice President

Roz Hammergren – Secretary


Student Council Reps - Carol Bell, Debbie Jacobs,

Diane Dixon, Shelley Seidl, Cindy Rickert, Karen Bitler, Kelsey Long, Sara Higgins, Greg Bogue, Pam Mesker,

Kim Cooper, Norina Bennett


Homecoming Attendants:

Mike Smith & Marty Willis


Prom Prince & Princess:

Milo Rush, Joanne Burger


Prom Attendants:

Randy Jones, Kim Cooper,

Kris Blevins, Rick Queen



Plays that year were:

Ten Little Indians, SummerTree, and Damn Yankees

Juniors with starring roles:

Don Beckman, David Bonfiglio, Mike Doherty, Patty Donham, Bill Hanshaw, Dennis McCurley, Brian Martin, Pam Mesker, David Scharnhorst, Mike Tatlock, Mike Taylor,

Mike Thornton, Ray Trierweiler, Chuck Varney




Here are classmates who are pictured in the ’70 Trail

but not in the ‘71 Trail or in the Commencement Program


* = we have current mailing address or at least an e-mail address for them

(  ) = spouse’s name or current or last known married name


Clayton Anderson

Edward Apperson

*Donna K. Arnce (Gary Mullin)

John Baird

Lawrence Ballard

Linda Banks

*Debra Basgall (John Nielsen)

Martha Bates

*Jana Beard (James E. Younger)

Claude Bearden

Danny Benninger

Nancy Bittle

Pam Breece

Tonya Brillhart

Roosevelt Brocks

Carol Brown

Terry Brown

*Jeanne Burger (John D McCarroll)

*Joanne Burger (Thomas Culberson)

*Kimberlee Burgess

Anita Cannada

*Ronnie Carter

Glenda Capers

Roland Childs

David Clemons

Debbie Clinesmith

Lyndell Cloninger

*Bill Coleman

Stan Converse

Douglas Cook

Carl Cowan

Eddie Cox

Randy Cox

Carla Crowden

Thomas Culton

*Daniel Deneau

Cathy Dodd

Roxie J. Doran

Jim Edgington

Vicky Endicott

Darrell Enyeart

*Pam Eriksen (Bruce Perry)

Pat Erwin

Catherine Estes

Michael Fellers (Janice J. Fellers)

Carla Forshee (Lark)

James Fugate

James Gillespie

John Goertz

Laura Goodwin

Cynthia Goolsby

*Kim A. Green (Val R. Finney)

Clarence Greenfield

Henry Griffith

Teresa Hanks

Nancy Harper

Michael Hillwick

Brenda K Holt

Patricia L. Hopkins (Sturm)

Susan Howard

Sondra Humphrey

Cheryl Jacobs (Ewing)

*Randy Johnson (Ronda Johnson)

Steve Jordan

Rita Keeler

Barbara Keller

Mary Kelley

Stephanie Kelley

*Lawrence Kessinger (Cheryl Kessinger)

Ray O. Kirk – deceased

*Christine Knoblauch (Rubrecht)

Candace Krueger – deceased

Dennis Lamb

Christopher Law

Teresa Lemon

Bonnie Lowe

Albert Marshall

Debbie Masterson

Patricia McBeath

Julie McNaught

Steven Metcalf

Lee Michael

Brenda Miller

*Craig Millspaugh

*Leo Moreland

Larry Myers

Gregory Nelson

Frederic Oakley

Virginia O’Mara

Terry Palmer

Michael Parker

Olive Patnaude

Sheryl Peacock

James Penley

Donald Piland

Allison Proctor

Jerry Rambo

Candy Ramsay

*Lisa Rawlins (Austin)

David Ray

Maudie Rea

Richard Richards

Kenneth Roper

Lynn Roper

Robert Rouse

Milo Rush – deceased

Cynthia Sanders

Kathleen Schneider

Vicki Seaton

Richard Senecal

Kathy Seyler

Debra Skaggs

Terry Smith

Lori Sodman

Timothy Sparks

Deborah Spence

*Mary Stonebraker (Casey)

Larry Strickler

Estella Suthard

Jerry Toney

Charles Towns

Janet Troxel

Kenneth VanLaningham

Patricia West

Paula West

Robert Williams

Margaret Wilson

Sharman Wilson

*Rod Winder

Debra Wise (Bentley) - deceased

Deborah Yager

Teresa Zamorano



In an effort to corral costs, we do not actively seek these classmates since they probably graduated from another school.  There are some, however, who consider themselves more Pioneer than anything else and we are happy to maintain their information and include them in our Reunion database.  They just need to let us know that is what they wish.  So, if you see a name on here, and you know where they are and that they would like to be kept abreast of ’71 Pioneer information, please forward their information to me or have them contact me.