Junior High Memories


All of Allison and Mayberry transferred to West.  Only part of Hadley, Hamilton, & Truesdell students transferred.  It would be difficult for many of these students because they would have to say goodbye to many of their Jr. High friends.  The remainder of Hadley went to North High, Hamilton went to East and South High, and Truesdell to South High.


I want to hear from you about your Jr. High memories.  With your permission, they will be added here for all to enjoy remembering as well.


For now, we will also include links here to the Elementary Schools.  These will change over time and will eventually have their own place but until then, you can find grade school memories from this page as well.




 Allison Eagles

Colors:  Blue & Gold


McCormick Elementary



Hadley Blue Devils

Colors:  Blue & White



Hamilton Royals

Colors:  Purple & White 




  Mayberry Panthers

 Colors:  Black & Gold


Benton Elementary


Eureka Elementary



Truesdell Trojans 

Colors:  Green & Gold

Coming when you send me something to put here.