Allison Eagles


The name changed our 8th grade year.  We had been the Allison Arrows.  Our colors were Blue & Gold.  Our 9th grade year was the first year we had cheerleaders for our basketball games.  “The Rock” was a memorial that sat in front of the school that was made from a huge boulder.  It usually looked like a volcano had erupted a rainbow from the cans of paint that had been poured over the top & run down the valleys in celebration of a Junior High “rite of passage”.  Every other Friday night was COED, a dance held in the gymnasium at which the girls ruled the floor with the latest dance crazes and most of the guys glued their behinds to the bleachers or lined up against the wall near the boys’ locker room.  THE slow dance song was Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton and, later, they added Yesterday by the Beatles.  We were very excited when they proposed adding vending machines by the gym…only to find out that the machine dispensed nice, crisp, juicy apples…no candy, no pop, no chips.