Allison Reunion, Friday, August 9, 1996



Steve Yokley and Larry Easley

Alice GriffinWoods, Marcia Ohmie Ashton, John Ashton


Lynn Pollitt and Patty Donham Daniels


Gary Dreiling, Judy Renz Scholl and Jerry Scholl

Pat Cornell Dreiling and Vicki Jacobs Broderick

Jeanne Foster Mitchell

Jim Petty and Jon Bobbitt




The Eagles gathered at the home of Bob & Connie Becker Lawrence for an evening of catching up, reacquainting and reminiscing.  Itís been fun to have the smaller Jr. High gatherings the night before the West Reunion.  Itís a chance to spread the visiting out a little longer.  Itís been a good tradition that we hope continues.