25-Year Class Reunion

Wichita Boathouse

August 10, 1996


How many can you identify?


Jerry Scholl gets the welcome sign up

Standing: Diana Larkin, Elma Camien, Vicki Jacobs, Patty Ford, Susan Sipult, Alice Griffin.

Kneeling:  Lynn Pollitt, Mercedith Payne, Sandy Sipult, Marcia Ohmie


Sister & Brother:  Kathy & Kenneth Green

John Ashton, Randy Johnston & wife Cynthia

Mike Clevenger & wife Susan


Dana Todd, BJ Havens, Karen Thornburg, Jana Beard

Danny Brazell & wife Vickie, John & Sheryl (Mills) Fletcher, Pat (Cornell) Dreiling, Mike Fellers and wife, Joaquin & wife Linda (Dawson) LeFebre


Far Left:  Judy (Renz – ‘69) & Jerry Scholl

Above Left:  Bill Larson

Above Right:  Jerry Hall

Far Right:  Jerry Scholl, John Ashton, & Steve Lange ice down the pop for the night.


Sharon Touchatt & hubby Bill Ward

Sherri (Pierce) Dishman

& Debbie (Sauder) Bell

Leslie & David Snodgrass


Norman Imel

Jon Bobbitt, Patty (Donham) Daniels, David Scharnhorst (who traveled the farthest) , and Ron Muhasky


Joyce & Mike Compton

Keith & Marilyn (Berry) Green

Ed & Terry (Rudkin) Martin


Sharon (Parmenter) Smith & Larry Easley

Gary (’70) & Sydney (Peterson) Douglass

Sydney was “Most Inspirational” for being married 24 years and having 6 boys!

Sheryl (Mills) & John Fletcher


Gary & Risa (Law) Holland had been married the longest – 27 years

Twins: Patricia (Hopkins) Sturm

and Alicia Hopkins

Susan (Sipult) and Walt Bishop had the most grandchildren - 5


Back row:  Debbie (Brown) Thurman, Donneta (Reith) Moore, Donna (Loucks) Casper, Donna (Arnce) Mullin, Risa (Law) Holland, and Terry (Rogers) Hall

Front row:  Nancy (Foster) Powell and Benita (Jantz) Seba




We gathered at the Orchard Park Recreation Center on Sunday afternoon for day two of our 25-year Class Reunion.

 for a web page of photos taken at that event.