Well, this is embarrassing.  The photos were not labeled and Im not sure enough of myself to ID some of the folks, so if you recognize any of the ???, please let me know.  Then Ill know if my guesses were correct.  Who knew 20 years would make such a difference?  ---Webmaster


15-YEAR CLASS REUNION JUNE 14 - 15, 1986

Saturday night dance at Christ the King Church


???, Cindi Hudson, Randy Seely, Larry Easley, & David Scharnhorst



Bill Larson tells stories to Sandy Adamson, Cathy Snow, and Jeanne Burger



Sunday afternoon picnic at Sedgwick County Park


Connie Becker, Sherri Dishman, Susan Connell, ???, ???, Terri Ramsey, & Mike Compton (hiding behind Terri)

???, and Sidney Peterson in the background


Above:  Rick Queen, Shelley Seidl, Jeanne Burger, and Debbie Jacobs



Left:  Paula Petruzates Drane with her daughter, Marta