At last, the year we have been waiting for!  We are finally B.M.(and W.)O.C.  Or so it feels.  We are able to take our rightful place at the “Senior window”…the place in C hall where you gather before & between classes to see and be seen.  We now get to park on and decorate Senior Row in the parking lot (if you’re lucky enough to get there at 0dark:30 to nab one of the approx. 10 parking spaces).  College and Career choices take on more meaning than ever before.  And, oh yes, The Hump.  Another right of passage…that big hunk of concrete by the parking lot…just begging for another coat of paint by yet another senior class.  This year is also marked by periodic sadness when you realize it’s the last Pioneer football and basketball game you’ll yell yourself hoarse at or play in, it’s the last everything…Homecoming Dance, team event, theatre production and Prom…maybe even the last time you see most of the people you’ve spent a huge chunk of your life with.  It’s very bittersweet.  The eagerness of moving into adulthood and blazing your own trail mixed with the sadness of so many good-byes.  WE MADE IT!  WE’RE SENIORS!  Now it’s your turn.  Share your memories of the LAST that sticks most in your mind and, who’s ring did you turn?





Roger Schenewerk – President

Roz Hammergren – Vice-President

Debbie Jacobs – Secretary-Treasurer



Student Council Vice-President – Kelsey Long

Student Council RepsKristen Halls, Carol Bell, Mike Tatlock, Michelle Mahoney, Kris Blevins, Shelley Seidl, Patty Donham, Kim Cooper, Diane Dixon, Cathy Snow, & Kelly White




King & Queen

Mike Foster & Cindy Rickert


Senior Prince & Princess

Greg Bogue & Kim Cooper

 Senior Attendants

Eric Larsen & Marty Willis




Winter Dance

Pioneer Miss & Gent

Nancy Johnston & Marty Abel



Senior Personalities


Best All-Around

Kim Cooper

Greg Bogue


Most Likely to Succeed

Roz Hammergren

John Wine


Best Personality

Susan Wasser

Mike Callahan


Class Jester

Cathee Wright

Gary Shannon


Most Reliable

Kelsey Long

Eric Larsen


Most Enthusiastic

Trecia Doshier

Mike Foster


Most Athletic

Mary Ann Compton


Best Dressed

Marty Willis

Rick Bartlett

Most Talented

Tom Ludwig






“Our Town”

“In White America”

“Amahl and the Night Visitors”

“Guys & Dolls”


Senior Cast Members :  Don Beckman, Estel Bogart, Mary Ann Compton, Kim Cooper, Patty Donham, Judy Dorrell, Trecia Doshier, Ray Elwick, Kathy Green, Bill Hanshaw, Cathee Hickok, Donna Hiland, Roberta Lillie, Tom Ludwig, Brian Martin, Dennis McCurley, Pam Mesker, Wendy Moore, Enid Pankratz, Lynn Pollitt, Glen Morris, Cindy Rickert, Jeannette Roberts, David Scharnhorst, Michael J. Taylor, Mike Thornton, Chuck Varney, Susan Wasser, Sylvia West, Marty Willis, Pattie Woodward




Click on the buttons below to see the pages of senior photos from the yearbook in alphabetical order.

*The following photos are on the “Woodman-Ziser” page:  John Anderson, Alfred Araiza, Kathleen Hickok, and Gregg Ree.


NOTE: To get a better look at the photos on the following pages, place the cursor anywhere on a photo and, within a second, an “enlarge/reduce” button will appear in the lower right corner.  Click on that button to enlarge the page to make the names legible.






















Wizard of Oz munchkins

Steve Rapp, Randy Jones, Mike Pearce

The Hump

Bob Burks




Steve Rapp and Carol Bell

Debbie Sauder and Steve Rapp




Craig Fulgham, Mike Butz, Steve Rapp

Carol Bell

Linda Meireis and Steve Rapp