Here we will share memories specific to our sophomore year; our thoughts about being little fish in a big pond” after being “big fish in a little pond”.  Most of the “statistical” information I got from the yearbook.  Here I will also list the students who appear only in the sophomore section but who probably or did move away because they don’t show up anywhere later.  At the bottom of the page is the email button for you to share your memories about the 1968-69 school year that I will post to the site.


Sophomore Class (1969) Officers

Sidney Peterson - President

Tom Ludwig - Vice President

Twila Griffith - Secretary-Treasurer


Student Council Reps - Cathy Snow, Kelsey Long, Joanne Burger, Norina Bennett, Jeanne Burger, Roz Hammergren, Shelley Seidl, Rick Barnhart, Bruce Dill, Greg Bogue


Homecoming Attendants:  Trecia Doshier & Rod Winder


Plays that year were:

“Flight into Danger” and “Spoon River Anthology”

Sophomores who starred in one or both:

David Bonfiglio, Brian Martin, Ruby Renz



Here are classmates who are pictured in the ’69 Trail

but not in the ‘71 Trail or in Commencement Program


* = we have a current mailing address or at least an e-mail address for them

(  ) = spouse’s name or current or last known married name


Dan A. Acosta

Dennis M. Adair

Clayton Anderson

Edward C. Apperson

*Donna K. Arnce (Gary Mullin)

*Robyn Ash (Spraker)

Gary R. Ashley

Leona J. Babcock

Sheila D. Bailey

John S. Baird

Jeanne A. Baker

Larry Ballard

Linda K. Banks

Connie S. Barker

*Debra Basgall (John Nielsen)

Ethel M. Bates

Martha L. Bates

*Jana L. Beard (James E. Younger)

Claude W. Bearden

Linda Behrs

*David C. Bennett

Nancy L. Bittle

Peggy L. Blaine

Deborah M. Bond

*David L. Bonfiglio

Bob Boone

Tonya Brillhart

Beverly A. Brown

Carol A. Brown

Terry L. Brown

James W. Bryant

*Jeanne L. Burger (John D McCarroll)

*Joanne V. Burger (Thomas Culberson)

*Kimberlee S. Burgess

Elbert P. Burnett

Anita Cannada

Barbara A. Cantrell

Kathleen M. Carroll

*Ronnie E. Carter

Melvin S. Cathey

Wade Chandler

Velma S. Chavez

Roland R. Childs

Candice G. Clark

David R. Clemons

Lyndell R. Cloninger

William W. Coleman

Wanda L. Collins

Richard E. Connell

Douglas L. Cook

Robyn R. Corner

Carl L. Cowan

Buddy L. Creamer

Roy Creekmore

Carla S. Crowden

Chrys L. Daniels

Debby A. Davis

Teresa Ann Dehay

Charles L. Deithaler

Karen F. Dennis

Joanna S. Denny

Larry J. Dickmeyer – deceased

Cathy D. Dodd

Roxie J. Doran

Charles Douglas

Jeri L. Dowell

Nancy D. Downin

Terry L. Dreiling

Barbara A. Duckworth

Danny Duckworth

Debra L. Dusenberry

*Mabry Lin Edmondson (Fabus)

Vicky L. Endicott

Randal L. Fairbanks

*Michael W. Fellers (Janice J. Fellers)

Carla D. Forshee (Lark)

James M. Fugate

Pearl M. Gates

Cindy Gill

Quincey L. Gilliland

Gary A. Glover

John A. Goertz

Lela R. Goodvin

James S. Green

*Kim A. Green (Val R. Finney)

Henry G. Griffith

Vickie L. Griffith

Pamela J. Guinn

Charles R. Hale

Teresa S. Hanks

Karren L. Hanna

Nancy L. Harper

Kenneth W. Helliker

Sherry L. Heuberger

Michael A. Hillwick – deceased

Brenda K. Holt

Rick A. Hoppe

Susan M. Howard

Phillip E. Hudlin

Norman Hyer

Robert Ivy

Lloyd H. Jackson

Cheryl K. Jacobs (Ewing)

Paula K. Jennings

*Timothy E. Jessup (Sheryl Jessup)

Connie J. Johnson

Martha E. Johnson

*Randy Johnson (Ronda Johnson)

Robert L. Johnson

Mary L. Jones

Roy K. Jones

Steven D. Jordan

Rita C. Keeler

Barbara S. Keller

Mary E. Kelley

*Lawrence Kessinger (Cheryl Kessinger)

Ray O. Kirk – deceased

Charles W. Kissling

Rodney L. Knoffloch

Rockne J. Kornhaus

Vicki Kraft

Marc Kuechenmeister

Christopher B. Law

Tracy Lawrence

Lewis W. Leaming

Susan L. Mackey

*Dion G. Mallea (Suarez)

Don R. Marling

Candace J. Marquardt

Debra S. Martin

Brenda Marts

*Debra E. Massengill (Hanson)

Ronald D. McAninch

Lizbeth McCourtney

Julie McNaught

Lee P. Michael

Craig L. Millspaugh

Jim Don Montgomery

*Leo I. Moreland

Roseann L. Murray

Larry P. Myers

Gregory L. Nelson

Clara C. Oakman

Robert E. Ogden

Gregory L. Owens

Teresa L. Palmer

Michael D. Parker

Olive J. Patnaude

Dale R. Pavey - deceased

Paul E. Peach

Lee M. Perkins

Jeffrey L. Phillips

Don J. Piland

Gary R. Potts

Allison M. Proctor

Jerry D. Rambo

*Lisa L. Rawlins (Austin)

David B. Ray

Dennis A. Reece

Jodee Rice

Richard Richards

Evelyn Richey

Linda K. Richey

Steven D. Ridpath

Kenneth Roper

Lynn Roper

Carol Rotramel

Dennis E. Ruhl – deceased

Milo Rush – deceased

Alan Ray Salkil

Daniel Saxon

Kathleen M. Schneider

Kristina R. Scott

Vicki A. Seaton

Richard Senecal

Mike W. Sentel

Douglas A. Septer

Kathy Seyler

Roger D. Shackelford

Frankie L. Shelton

Gloria J. Shockley

David R. Sink

*Sandra L. Sipult (Markham)

Greg F. Sivley

Debra S. Skaggs

Larry J. Snyder

Lori K. Sodman

Raechel A. Spaulding

Deborah A. Spence

Lynda S. Stalling

Patricia S. Stateler

Gary L. Stebbins

Sheri L. Stevens

Alan K. Stewart

Larry D. Stilwell

*Mary J. Stonebraker (Casey)

Larry E. Strickler

Estella Suthard

Wanda M. Swisher (Randall) - deceased

Michael K. Thomas

Patricia S. Thomas

Henry “Webster” Thompson - deceased

George J. Tiemeyer

Earl E. Towles

Charles W. Towns

Lynn M. Tucker

Charles D. Turner

Kenneth VanLaningham

Lonnie D. Watson

Wallace H. Wells

Patricia A. West

Jerome D. White

Robert White

Harold L. Wilks

Gary D. Wilson

Margaret A. Wilson

Ronnie J. Wilson

Walter Wilson

*Rod L. Winder

Debra J. Wise – deceased


In an effort to corral costs, we do not actively seek the above classmates since they probably graduated from another school.  There are some, however, who consider themselves more Pioneer than anything else and we are happy to maintain their information and include them in our Reunion database.  They just need to let us know that is what they wish.  So, if you see a name on here, and you know where they are and that they would like to be kept abreast of ’71 Pioneer information, please forward their information to me or have them contact me.




Stan Diskin

Michelle Mahoney, Sherri McConnell, Cathy Carson, Julie Watson, Kelsey Long, & ??

Greg Bogue??



Debbie Dinsmoor & Cathy Carson

?? & Pam Patterson

Roz Hammergren & Michelle Mahoney??



?? & Trecia Doshier

Pam Patterson & ??

Debbie Dinsmoor, Cathy Carson, Julie Watson, Kelsey Long, & ??, ??