How We Look Today

and Where We Are Now



Ted Lane

For more about Ted today, go to his web page.



Diana (Dutcher) Lamb (Class of ’73) and Lowell Leon Lamb

Read their story on the THEN web page



 Benita (Jantz) Seba

2004 office birthday party




Bob and Connie (Becker) Lawrence

Hawaii, 2004



Rod Winder and wife Karen

     “I missed graduation as we moved to Lawrence KS. Made it to middle of my Junior year.  I was on the football team and ran track. My best friends from school are Randy Johnston and Rick Queen, we lived near each other, but had many more, including some of those that are gone now. 

     I have 3 children and 2 grandsons. My son is in the Army; a ‘defender of the constitution’.  Karen and I married 6/12/10. I had a career in commercial construction engineering and design, today I am semi-retired.  My Mom and brothers still live in Wichita.”




Jim Mason

Taken July 2004 in northwest Colorado when he turned over 100,000 miles on his 1978 BMW motorcycle.

David Bennett

David moved away in 1969 and is now living in Tennessee.  He is a Firefighter/EMT with 3 kids.

Regina “Gina” (Howe) and Gail Hamm




David Bonfiglio

meets then Kansas Governor Sebelius at a dinner reception for a Chinese trade delegation.  For more about David, go to his website.


Bruce Dill and Rudy

For more about Bruce today, go to his website.

Bruce Dill and Rudy

August 2011 Dog Show

Kelly White

Taken when the Austin domestic violence shelter was named for her.  She was executive the director for 10 years and built the facility.





Dr. David Scharnhorst, MD


Nancy (Young) Slaughter and William Lynn Slaughter

Friends Revisited

A get-together with friends during Marty’s trip back to Wichita.  L-R: Sidney Peterson Douglass, Marty Willis Welty, John Ashton, Trecia Doshier Tucker, and Shelly Seidl McNerney



Jill (Taylor) Pepper with husband David

Taken Feb 2010 by The Neferu-Ra on the banks of the Nile.

Behind them is their friends’ 100-yr-old boat called a “dahabeyah”.

Trahy Hurst

Caught the "biggun" at his place near

Council Grove, KS

Betsy (Lyons) Reusser with husband Rolland

Taken June 2006 at their daughter Amy’s wedding which took place in the Reusser’s backyard.




                         Cheryl Eyer


                          Don Eyer

         Now working security for online companies

Marty (Willis) Welty and husband Robert

Gary Gibson and his bride Anna

At their 1999 wedding in Las Vegas




Randy Johnston & Rod Winder



On a recent trip to Wichita, I visited Randy Johnston & his wife.  I was there to look at all the trees he has planted, as we are a couple of treehuggers.  Just before we began to check out the trees, he said he had something for me.  I was quite surprised when he came back holding something behind his back.  I could just make out the maroon color, then as he pulled it out from behind his back, I knew immediately it was a jersey.  I said “Where did you get a Whichita West football jersey?”  He said, “It’s not just A jersey, it’s YOUR jersey.”  And he unfolded it to reveal my number 32.  I could not believe it!  My jersey from 69-70, the last year I was to play football.  I exclaimed “Where’d you get that!?”  And he said I had given it to him to keep for me.  I had no memory of doing so…what a huge surprise!  I was elated, what a wonderful surprise to have something come back to me after 39 years that has a HUGE sentimental value to me and is in pristine shape.  I can’t thank him enough!  ---  Rod Winder


Merle Hoover (2nd from left)


Excellence in Trauma Care awarded to

Merle and 3 of his coworkers





Sylvia (West) Downing with husband Jack

Pam (Patterson) Harris and husband Joel

Pam’s photo at right was taken at her son’s baseball tournament in St. Louis.




Jim Petty and his wife, Vicky

December 2005

Chuck Varney



Vintage Fifty Ladies trip to Kansas City, Summer 2003

Above, back row:  Kelsey Long, Julie Watson, Roz Hammergren, Norina Bennett, Sara Higgins, and Sidney Peterson.  Front row:  Trecia Doshier, Kris Blevins, Debbie Jacobs, Pam Mesker, Shelly Seidl, and Kristen Halls.


Fourteen Pioneers turned the big 5-0 by celebrating on the Plaza

At right, they show off their purses that have their Senior photos on them.

…and a grand time was had by all.

Front row:  Kelly White, Norina Bennett, Pam Mesker, Sara Higgins, and Kris Blevins.  Middle row:  Trecia Dosier, Debbie Jacobs, and Julie Watson.  Back row:  Kelsey Long, Kristen Halls, Shelly Seidl, Roz Hammergren, Sidney Peterson, and Kim Green.



Nancy (Cox) Loates-Taylor with husband Mike

and their 13-year-old daughter

Celebrating Mike’s 50th birthday on a ski vacation to the French Alps in April 2006.

John and Marcia (Ohmie) Ashton

Kim (Littell) Moren and husband Daryl

Celebrate their 25th anniversary

August 8, 2006



Joanne (Burger) Culberson and Jeanne (Burger) McCarroll

Washington, D.C. Spring 2006 while visiting Joanne’s Marine son, T.J. and Jeanne’s son, Josh, who works for Fox News.

Steve Rapp and his wife, Kathy

Taken September 2003 after his retirement ceremony.



Dennis is currently in Bellevue, Washington.

He is the COO and CFO for a biotech company that is working on therapeutics for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Type 2 diabetes.

Mother Galina aka Judy Affholder

Taken on the sand dunes in Death Valley , California.

Dan Roark – 2006






Dan and Jan Deneau

Roger Schenewerk and wife, Sharon

Celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2005 along the Reus River at Luzern, Switzerland.

Tim Berger

Taken in Las Vegas

by renowned photographer

Monte Zucker




Linda (Haury) Finley

Fishing trip in the White Mountains of Arizona

July 17, 2008 – Wichita – Girls Night Out

Elaine Meredith, Connie Becker, Vicki Jacobs, Janet Bledsoe, Glenda Schulte,

Jenice Kandt, Janice Buchholz, Jesma Swearingen, Karen Tromblee




Sheryl (Mills) Fletcher & John Fletcher with their 1976 Corvette and 1956 Chevy

Mary (Pollock) Pohl and hubby James

Maui 2011





As of October 5, 2011, these are the locations we have for classmates.  Most of you are not far from someone you went to high school with and you probably don’t even know it!



United States


Alabama – 1

Arkansas – 10

Arizona – 10

California – 16

Colorado – 21

Delaware – 1

Florida – 7

Georgia – 1

Iowa – 2

Idaho – 1

Illinois – 5

Indiana – 2

Kansas – 363

Kentucky – 1

Maryland – 3

Maine – 1

Massachusetts – 1

Michigan – 2

Minnesota – 1

Missouri – 18

Montana – 1

North Carolina – 8

Nebraska – 5

New Jersey – 2

New Mexico – 2

Nevada – 1

New York – 4

Ohio – 4

Oklahoma – 19

Oregon – 3

Pennsylvania – 2

South Carolina – 1

Tennessee – 6

Texas – 39

Utah – 1

Vermont - 1

Virginia – 2

Washington – 8

West Virginia – 1



Other Countries 

Chad – 1

England – 1

Mexico - 1